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Discover the Secret to Luxurious Hair: Introducing Our Nourishing Conditioner Bars

Are you yearning for soft, shiny, and lustrous hair? If your hair is lacking that extra touch of nourishment and shine, we have just the solution for you. Our shampoo bars are already loved for their 2-in-1 formula that gently cleanses and conditions, but we understand that different hair types have unique needs.

That's why we are thrilled to introduce our nourishing conditioner bars, specially designed to provide that extra level of care for your hair.

In his blog post, we will explore the signs that indicate you could benefit from additional conditioning and unveil two outstanding conditioner bars for you to choose from.

So, do you need a conditioner bar?

Not all hair is the same, and some types require more attention and care than others. If you find that your hair falls into any of the following categories, you may greatly benefit from incorporating a nourishing conditioner bar into your hair care routine:

  • Curly or Very Dry Hair: Curly hair tends to be naturally drier and more prone to frizz. If your locks are longing for that added moisture and definition, a conditioner bar can provide the nourishment your hair craves.

  • Frequent Colour or Bleach Usage: Colouring your hair or subjecting it to regular bleaching can leave it feeling brittle and dry. Our conditioner bars are formulated to restore vitality to the chemically treated hair, giving it the loving care it deserves.

  • Chemically Damaged Hair: Whether from excessive heat styling, perms, or other chemical treatments, damaged hair is in desperate need of extra nourishment. Our conditioner bars are designed to repair and rejuvenate, helping you achieve softer and healthier-looking locks.

  • Preference for a Smooth and Polished Look: If you desire that effortlessly sleek and polished appearance, a conditioner bar can be your secret weapon. It provides that extra touch of smoothness and shine to help you achieve your desired style.

Introducing Our Nourishing Conditioner Bars:

At Wild Ona, we take immense pride in listening to our customers' needs and crafting products that deliver exceptional results. We are excited to present our two nourishing conditioner bars that will elevate your hair care routine to new heights of luxury:

LAVENDERLICIOUS: Queen Cleopatra was said to have loved shea butter – if it’s fit for a Queen, it’s fit for you! Our LAVENDERLICIOUS conditioner bar is a beautiful fusion of argan oil, shea butter and lavender essential oil to give your hair a luxurious deep nourishing treatment. Designed to detangle and add moisture that your hair is lacking without weighing it down, LAVENDERLICIOUS will have you looking and feeling like royalty.

Wild Ingredients:


  • Argan Oil helps restore dry and damaged hair whilst maintaining healthy hair. It is also rich in vitamin E which provides a fatty layer to the hair and scalp that helps prevent dryness.

  • Shea Butter is nourishing and softening; it also fights the frizz. 

  • Lavender essential oil adds shine and provides a fresh floral aroma to this silky-smooth conditioner bar.

Order it here.

SUMMER DREAMER: Formulated with hair-loving jojoba oil, and delicious mango butter, and scented with rose geranium and jasmine essential oils, SUMMER DREAMER is a perfect 'cocktail' for all hair types. This light conditioner bar will effortlessly de-tangle your hair, leaving it moisturised, soft and shiny.

Wild Ingredients:


  • Jojoba oil provides moisture, and helps repair breakage. 

  • Mango butter provides nourishment and helps protect your hair from environmental and heat damage.

  • Rose geranium and jasmine essential oils add a beautiful floral aroma reminding you of sweet summer. 


Order it here.

Our conditioner bars are:


  • Made with Naturally Derived Ingredients

  • Vegan & Cruelty-free

  • Colour safe / doesn't leave residue on hair

  • Free from silicones & parabens

  • Doesn't weigh hair down

Our conditioner bars will last for around 3 months, but according to our customers, they last forever! Let us know! :)


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