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About Us

My name is Kristina, I'm the creator, formulator and, owner of Wild Ona.

I learned how to formulate natural haircare in 2020, in search of a perfect shampoo that will give it all: hair that's soft, healthy, and shiny, the product that's natural and sustainable.

Wild Ona didn't start with a business idea. It started with a new mum in her kitchen, tired from trying new products that didn't work, taking matters into her own hands determined to create the best natural haircare for herself and her little ones!


Wild Ona Story

Wild Ona story started in the small kitchen in 2018. As many moms will agree, when we have children, everything changes. After pregnancy, my skin and scalp became so sensitive that I could no longer tolerate most of the cosmetic products that I have been using for years. This led me to learn and create more natural, gentle products for myself and our children that would provide desired results with nourishment, not irritation.
I have already been making natural face and body creams, lip balms and salves, and natural soap when I decided to study professional shampoo & conditioner bar formulation in 2020. 

Having a huge love for working with natural ingredients and herbs (which I have inherited from my grandmother, folk-herbalist, Ona - the inspiration and name behind the brand) I naturally created the products infused with wonderful botanicals and essential oils.

​At the same time, I was becoming increasingly aware of our environmental impact and the unnecessary waste we leave behind. This inspired me to create products that are as sustainable as possible, leaving little or no waste behind. 
With these 3 concepts in mind (Gentle, Sustainable, Botanical) I launched Wild Ona zero waste hair care for all the gentle skins & sustainable souls.

Today, our products are selling in many sustainable and boutique stores across the UK as well as internationally. 

In 2022 I wrote an eBook - 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner Bars for Your Home & Small Business which is a recipe book and a guide to the formulation. Available worldwide, the eBook is helping many others to create their own dream shampoo bars. 

If there is anything you would like to know about Wild Ona and our products, just message me at

Kristina xx

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