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How to Have an Effective Beauty Detox

When you think of the word detox, you are probably going to think of a detox to your diet or lifestyle. However, a detox isn’t just about diet: it’s about reducing toxic ingredients in all areas of your life.

The idea of a beauty detox is much the same as any other form of detox. You are taking a break from anything that not only can be seen as unnecessary in your life but also that could be harmful in some ways too.

Instead, you focus on things that are going to have a healthy impact on your body and your mind, helping to improve how you feel both inside and out.

Whether you’re taking a short break from certain products, or willing to make permanent changes, follow these three steps to have an effective beauty detox.

Learn to read the label

There is a good chance that you may not have even thought about the type of things that are in your favourite beauty products, so the first step in any beauty detox is to learn what they do actually contain. The best way to do this is to read the label.

The main ingredient is likely to be water, but after that, among the list of beneficial ingredients, you might come across harsher ingredients, such as parabens, phthalates and sulphates. It is thought that these can interfere with the hormones within the body, and even cause disease. To avoid them, opt for products clearly named paraben or phthalates-free.

Another thing to watch out for is synthetic perfumes and fragrances. These can be irritating and even cause allergic reactions, especially for those with sensitive skin. Therefore, if you want to detox your beauty routine, choose products scented with natural essential oils, or perhaps go completely scent-free.

Decide what has to go

Once you have identified what your beauty products contain, then you need to identify which ones are going to have to face the chop within your detox.

It is not about taking everything harmful out of our lives, as this can be next to impossible to do. It is more about being aware of what things we do use, what they contain and how we can cut down on them. Being able to make even a few swaps on our beauty products can have a big benefit.

If you’re looking to make permanent changes in your beauty routine, then remember that there will be trial and error. Be patient with yourself.