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Five Reasons to Shop Sustainable & Handmade This Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, we will want to find the absolutely perfect gift for our friends and family. There are all the usual shopping routes that you can go down. Such as heading to the high street or ordering from some big-name retailers online. 

Here at Wild Ona, if you only ever buy from these types of retailers this Christmas, then you are missing out. To encourage you to try and do your Christmas shopping entirely differently, we have put together our five main reasons to shop sustainably and handmade this Christmas. 

It reduces waste

One of the best things we can all do for the planet is to try our best to reduce the amount of waste in landfills. You can try and do this; however, when you choose to buy from a handmade company, you will be doing even more.  

These smaller retailers are dedicated to making and shipping their items in a way that will reduce waste. 

It supports local economies

When you buy from a smaller retailer, you are supporting them directly. You are not buying something that means that profits are sent to an off-shore corporation. Buying from this small retailer means you are helping them live their lives, supporting their home and their families too.

Not only this, but when you buy local, those people will use that money to support their local businesses. This puts more money back into the local economy.

It reduces your carbon footprint

Buying something from a distant retailer may save money, but it must move halfway around the world to get to you. This means that you will increase your carbon footprint as it moves around, whether on a plane or a boat.  

Buying locally reduces the distance the item is then shipped, reducing your carbon footprint.

They are made from natural or organic ingredients

Depending on what you buy, the items you buy from local retailers are likely to be made from all-natural or organic materials and ingredients. These are not only kinder to the environment, but they are also kinder to you too.  

They make the gift feel even more special