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Coaching Call - 60min

  • 1 h
  • 120 British pounds
  • Zoom meeting

Service Description

The recipe eBook and the masterclass contain all the information required to make & and scale professional shampoo and conditioner bars. In a very straightforward and concise way, I provided everything I’ve learned on my journey: from not knowing anything about shampoo bars to building a successful brand. Over the years, I’ve tested many formulas, ingredients, and procedures. I chose to include ONLY the best practices and leave out what didn’t work. Therefore, some topics are out of the scope of the recipe book and masterclass. The world of shampoo bars is huge and it is an ongoing study. It requires the maker to test, experiment, and do their research. We can compare it to attending a cooking course where we will learn 10 amazing recipes and best practices, however, in no way that cooking course will cover all the questions one can potentially have about cooking. In the same way, the eBook and masterclass do not include ongoing support on your making journey. If you have questions, firstly, I suggest you write them down and go over the material again because I found that most of the questions I’ve received so far have been already answered in the recipe book and masterclass. If you wish to use different ingredients or practices then it will be up to you to research and test the substitutes. Simply put, please refrain from contacting me with questions that are already answered in the material you’ve purchased. Please pause and think if it’s something you should be investigating yourself. That being said, if you need help with formulating your products please book a coaching session. Things to consider before booking the call: 1. I don't answer questions about Wild Ona formulas - these are business secrets. We will not be discussing or trying to replicate Wild Ona bars. 2. I won't be able to create a formula for you because it requires testing. However, based on your requirements and needs, I can suggest a bunch of draft formulas, which you will have to test and choose which one(s) you're happy with. 3. The call will be recorded and you will receive the recording. 4. The coaching call does not include ongoing FREE support after the session. If you will require more help, please book a session. 5. After you book the coaching call, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out to help me prepare so you can get the most out of our session.

Contact Details

Glasgow G44, UK

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